The MdG product range is growing….

We are happy to announce that in January 2018 we started to commercialise a series of new products associated with the monitoring of the cold chain coming from three new international brand names. Extending the temperature recorders range we are now capable of offering our customers a wide range of new instruments capable of solving any type of problem associated with the monitoring of refrigerated transport.

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The MdG new mapping service for the storage areas

As from March 2018 we are able to supply mapping services that conforms to GDP, with Wi-Fi sensors and online monitoring via the Cloud platform. In this way, the management costs are significantly reduced and the most part of the processes are automised, otherwise would require a non indifferent cost in terms of time and personnel.

Welcome to the MdG Academy!

MdG has presented in March 2018 at the conference held in Hong Kong presented by Flypharma, it’s own very innovative E-Learning platform. It was an opportunity for real constructive discussion from which it became clear the market necessity for more innovative solutions for the management of personnel training and at the same time reducing costs.
MdG Academy courses are unique, they can be personalised both for language and the themes to propose in video clips.

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The infant school project in Soweto, Kenya continues

Following the first donation made by MdG Group to the Onlus “Africa Calling Italy”, the support is ongoing to the infant school in Soweto, Kenya. MdG has donated a set of Thermal Bags to the Onlus for the safe transportation of pharmaceuticals between hospital locations. Developments can be followed on the news pages of our website  that is updated in real-time with the progress of the project.