Forro Térmico para Contenedores Marítimos

This product is suited to protect goods against repetitive temperature changes and humidity, it is used widely for wine, oil, canned tomatoes etc.

It is installed very easily in very few minutes thanks to its anchorage systems comprising hooks and straps, exclusive in practicality and quality.

The material is made-up of a double layer of aluminium fastened to a double layer of PE, that makes it very resistant to shear and whip.

Once installed, it covers all the internal surfaces including the ceiling, thus creating an Isothermal barrier, thanks to the material and also the air cavity that is created between the container and the liner.

On request we can supply versions with or without bases depending on customer needs.

Thermal Liner Sin Base 20feet 0092
Thermal Liner Sin Base 40feet 0091
Thermal Liner Sin Base 40feet High Cube 0098
Thermal Liner Con Base 20feet 0190
Thermal Liner Con Base 40feet 0191
Thermal Liner Con Base 40feet High Cube 0506