MdG is a company founded in 2010, which deals with marketing and developing solutions for the cold chain in Italy and abroad. The products and services have grown over time and continue to evolve according to market needs, becoming more and more innovative and sustainable.

MdG was among the first companies in the world to develop a “Self installation kit” for real-time temperature mapping of temperature-controlled environments and vehicles, with a dedicated team of experts who follow the entire study remotely.

The research and development of MdG continuously proposes new solutions and products, such as the E bag for the transport of COVID tests up to airport equipment solutions such as La Couverture that protects thermosensitive medicines during the unloading and loading of aircrafts (TARMAC).

Through our associate MdG Academy, we continuously develop new courses, for all the actors in the cold chain, to update the entire logistics community on the guidelines, needs and risks of cold chain integrity. We deliver the trainings through our dedicated E learning platform and in webinars or sometimes even classroom sessions. Have a look at


MdG has the ultimate goal of maintaining the integrity of temperature sensitive products through the entire cold chain, whether it is a drug, a cosmetic or a food product. Our scope is to support the various industries with products and combinations of products and services designed to keep the cold chain intact to safeguard the patient and the final consumer.

We are always constantly looking for innovation in any area without losing sight of sustainability in order to safeguard the planet’s resources. Our daily challenge is to always find and develop better solutions and at the same time support reuse, recycling and limit CO2 emissions as much as possible.

Our Team

Marco Del Giudice

General Manager and International Sales Manager

Alessandro Orsolini

Mapping and Monitoring Systems, La Couverture Support
Akira Ciciriello

Akira Ciciriello

(Internship) Mapping and Monitoring Systems, La Couverture Support

Enrico Gobbi

Dangerous goods, Purchases and Logistics

Franca Terzi


Our Office

The operational offices are located in Fiumicino (RM) in Via delle arti 101, but we also operate through two warehouses located in Bergamo for the north and Rome for the south of Italy.

Where we Are