Merci Pericolose

Dangerous Goods

Shipping products classified as dangerous for air and sea transport is not easy. We at MdG, have specialized personnel who can manage and support you from the supply of suitable packagings up to the compilation of the necessary documentation.

Temperature Mapping Study

The qualification of a temperature-controlled warehouse, a refrigerated vehicle or even the compartments of an aircraft are not simple things, we at MdG have developed a kit that greatly simplifies the operation through remote support in real time. Our mapping complies with the guidelines of EU Good Distribution
Practices, the FDA, the World Health Organization and the IATA Pharma certification (CEIV)


Training Courses

The MdG Academy is at the forefront in the field of training relating to Good Distribution Practices of medicinal products for human use. Through E learning, webinar and classroom sessions we can satisfy every need of our customers with extreme flexibility and competence.