Beach Bag – Thermal bag

How long haven’t you been enjoying a nice day out at the beach, in the sun and fully relaxed?

Do it safely!

Did you know that sun creams not properly protected from very high temperatures lose some of their protective efficacy due to chemical alterations?
It is so important to keep sun creams at a constant temperature and not to expose them to direct sunlight.
For this reason MdG has developed the Beach Bag, the only tested bag to maintain your solar creams at the right temperature.
Thanks to a comfortable shoulder belt and to an external pocket for your mobile phone, the bag is a must-have accessory for your day out on the beach.


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Beach Bag is tested for temperature-controlled transportation of sunscreens. This bag is able to mantain an internal temperature between 10° and 20°C up to 9 hours.
The price includes n.3 -18°C cooling elements (200cc)!
    • STRUCTURE: Higly performing materials. Structure is made with a water-proof satin fabric, easy to wash and sterilise;
    • INSULATING MATERIAL: 4mm foam and white PVC lining;
    • CAPACITY: 4,58 L
    • CLOSURE: Black nylon zipper, sealable;
    • ACCESSORIES: External pocket for cell phone and polyester webbing handle
External dimensions: 20 cms (Ø) * 20 cms (height)
Payload: 18 cms (Ø) * 18cms (height)

Product code: 0989