The flexible and efficient solution for parcel shipment of temperature-sensitive foodstuffs.
Chocolate, Salmon or fresh meat
Your goods arrive well chilled at your customer!
An ideal solution for combined packing of chilled and normal goods in one unit.
Available standard sizes from stock (basic flat dimensions, 5 cms for closinsure flap)

Current standard formats:

Coolmailer without bottom

SizePcs/BoxPcs./Pal.Box/Pal.Required Gel Packs
25 x 18 (+5)cm400240061pcs x 4.1 400g ea.
40 x 40 (+5)cm12072063pcs x 4.1 400g ea.
50 x 47,5 (+5)cm9054064pcs x 4.1 400g ea.
60 x 40 (+5)cm8048064pcs x 4.1 400g ea.
72 x 55 (+5)cm5020043pcs x 1.3 900g ea.

Coolmailer with bottom

SizePcs/BoxPcs./Pal.Box/Pal.Required Gel Packs
48 x 29 (+5)cm +23cm di base10060063pcs x 4.1 400g ea.
54 x 31 (+5)cm +21cm di base8551064pcs x 4.1 400g ea.
65 x 40 (+5)cm +30cm di base5030063pcs x 1.3 900g ea.