Hard-shell cooling elements

Our hard-shell cooling elements are designed and developed  your high value products, such as pharmaceuticals, supplements, biological samples etc., the integrity of which is directly proportional to the maintain of the right temperature, throughout all the cold chain.

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We can offer a wide assortment of these kind of cooling elements for any solution you are looking for.

Here below a short overview of our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Product descriptionPictureFormatsTemperature range
TimeSuitable for:
RFP (Rigid Frozen Pack)From 200cc to 2000cc<0°C; – +2°+8°CUp to +120 hrsThermal bags,Parcel Shippers
RCP (Rigid Cold Pack)900cc-21°CUp to +96 hrsThermal bags,Parcel Shippers
Phase Change Material (PCM)
From 170mlto 2L-30°C; -21°C; -18°C;+4°C; +22°C; +37°CUp to +120 hrsThermal bags,Parcel Shippers,

pallet shipper