Smart Cooler

SMART COOLER is the sustainable solution for chilled shipping of fresh food: 100% recyclable, non-odorous, space-saving.
The Smartcooler was developed for parcel shipping of temperature-sensitive goods and provides in combination with cooling elements a temperature profile of <4 °C over 30-40 hours transit time at ambient temperatures of 18-30°C. In combination with adequate boxes, it allows combined packing of chilled and non-chilled goods in one unit.
Sustainable design by PE fleece made from 80% recycled material.

Current standard formats:
SizeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Thickness (mm)Pcs/BoxPcs/Pal.Box/Pal.required Gel Packs
S35036525 +/- 525300122pcs x 4.1 400g ea.
M48036025 +/- 520240123pcs x 4.1 400g ea.
L53044525 +/- 515180124pcs x 4.1 400g ea.