SMARTLINER is a highly cost-effective and sustainable form of insulation – made from recycled PET – for complete boxes. Thanks to added cooling elements, it keeps things cool for over 48 hours. The SMARTLINER is ideal for shipping foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and animal feed.


• Safe and affordable

• Sustainable, thanks to its use of ecycled materials

• Customer-specific bespoke manufacture possible, incl. individual branding

• Suitable for B2B and B2C

• Suitable for shipping foodstuffs and medicines, cosmetics and animal feed


• Material: sawaflor® 4826 is composed of 100% polyester fibres

• Proportion of recycled material: 80%

• Colour: white/brown/flecked with black -> colours may vary due to recycled fibres

• Thermal conductivity: 0.038 W/m K

• Surface weight: 400 g/M2

Current standard formats:
Dimensions (mm)*
S360 x 200 x 210
M400 x 300 x 250
L580 x 380 x 200
XL580 x 380 x 300
Tolerance of all dimensions ± 3%
Recommended number of cooling elements (Gel pack)
Tipe and n° of GPs
Time ≤ 4°C[hrs]Time ≤ 8°C[hrs]
S4 x Gel Pack 4.1 – 500g24:2544:50
M4 x Gel Pack 1.3 – 900g38:2548:40
L6 x Gel Pack 1.3 – 900g41:0554:10
XL8 x Gel Pack 1.3 – 900g41:0553:35