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Cold Chain Solutions

We are cold chain specialists and are active in several Industries. Doesn’t matter if, for the pharmaceutical, food, logistics industry or laboratories and hospitals, we find the right solution for your needs.

Assisting our customers with consultancy projects of GDP certifications.

We are offering E-learning, webinar, and classroom training.

Delivering products and services mainly in the pharmaceutical cold chain.

Years of Experience


MdG Cold

MdG is a company founded in 2010, that deals with marketing and developing solutions for the cold chain in Italy and abroad. The products and services have grown over time and continue to evolve according to market needs, becoming more and more innovative and sustainable.

MdG was among the first companies in the world to develop a “Self-installation kit” for real-time temperature mapping of temperature-controlled environments and vehicles, with a dedicated team of experts who follow the entire study remotely.

We provide excellence and precision in all that we do. From packaging to transport everything is set as per your individual requirements. With zero unbroken temperature chain, your product is delivered flawlessly, every time.

We provide top-notch equipment and packaging which is fully verified and validated, as well as completely secure and ideal for transporting anywhere.

What We Offer

MdG Cold's
Exclusive Services

MdG Srl is a company that supplies the pharmaceutical and logistics industry with tailor-made solutions regarding the cold chain.

We support you from our headquarters in Rome worldwide and assist you in the entire mapping process of your facility or vehicle.

Mapping & monitoring

Temperature monitoring systems with various solutions from global suppliers, including dataloggers, wireless monitoring systems, and GPS systems.
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Vehicle mapping & Monitoring

Our temperature mapping system, a tech marvel, spans all forms of transportation, be it on the road or in the air, with thermal dollies not left out in its coverage.

We distribute
following product

There are many good reasons why you should choose MdG Cold as your trusted Partner For your cold chain solutions.

Refrigeration Mobile Solution – VebaBox

The VebaBox Is An Actively Insert Cooling Container That Can Be Placed In The Cargo Of A Commercial Vehicle.

What we provide you

Temperature mapping

The temperature mapping study is a fundamental element for the qualification of cold rooms and / or refrigerated vehicles as well as an essential element for being a supplier to the pharmaceutical industry.


la COUVERTURE, the hybrid thermal solution, halfway between a standard thermal cover and a thermal dolly, that keeps ULDs at the right temperature range all the way to the apron area.

Temperature-sensitive shipments need to be protected from temperature variations to avoid critical damage to the product during the handling phase on the airfield.

la COUVERTURE is designed specifically to protect temperature-sensitive shipments (+15 to +25°C) from temperature variations in extreme climate conditions – hot or cold – from the airport cargo warehouse all the way to the apron area.

MdG Cold's Products

MdG Srl is a company that supplies the pharmaceutical and logistics industry with tailor-made solutions regarding the cold chain.


What they say about us

Fabrizio Iacobacci
BCUBE air cargo spa | Head of Pharma Business Development
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Mdg has represented since years a qualified provider and a real partner in temperature controlled solutions as ground handling agent. The real pro point (beyond the expertise) is MDG capacity of being in team with your staff and your technical needs. Top for defining gap analysis and provide solutions for your warehouses! Thanks MDG
Alex Alfredo López Mondragón
Gerente de Garantía de Servicio / Persona Responsable Pharma
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In Aeroméxico Cargo we are very glad to discover MdG, since we met we have learned a lot about cold chain and pharmaceutical products. Marco and all his team are always willing to help in the best and fastest way. I do not want to avoid mentioning that their products and services are the best; high tech monitoring system, easy and professional mappings, awesome training. Thank you for everything MdG.
ALG Pharma
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It’s been such an awesome experience participating in MdG training, it exceeded my expectations! The quality of the contents is superb and the course has equipped me with lots of tangible information and tools that I can use in my daily work. The trainer is very engaging and experienced, and able to simplify difficult topics.

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