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Termovial – Container for biological products

Termovial is an isothermal biocontainer for transporting vials or test tubes.
The Termovial thermal container for biological products complies fully with the ADR, RID, IMDG and IATA P650 packaging instructions. It also adheres to regulations for air, road, rail and maritime transport, as well as the ICAO Technical Instructions.

Termovial guarantees up to 24 hours hold time, extendable to 72 hours or more if integrated in a system with PU container and additional cold packs.


Each Termovial can contain two vials or test tubes
Simple to use and handle
 External Isothermal Packaging on request (P650)
• Easy to use (instructions included).
• Compliant with P650 packaging instruction
• Available in 3 different versions: refrigerated (+2°+8°C), frozen (-21°C) and PCM (+22°C; +37°C)
• Tested for internal pressure (95kPa)
• Single-use or reusable exterior packaging available with temperature protection up to 72h
• External isothermal packaging (ATP650) available for 1 to 3 Termovials
• High calorific capacity provides low heat conductivity
• Easy to sterilise and reusable
• Hermetically sealed and highly resistant
• Non-toxic alternative to carbonic or dry ice (considered hazardous by the IATA)
• Bio-container can be personalised with the customer’s logo
• Vials: 110 mm (H) x 20 mm (⌀)

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