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Professional wireless system for real-time monitoring

MdG S.r.l. is able to provide complete assistance for the implementation of integrated monitoring systems for total control of storage areas.

This service is carried out using a new generation wireless system which allows a complete remote control, through the use of a dedicated online platform, ensuring saving in terms of human, economic and time resources, compared to the current systems on the market.

Our service complies with the most important European regulations in the pharmaceutical industry and is therefore aimed at all those companies that intend to improve or integrate their internal monitoring system or to obtain the necessary requirements to achieve certifications such as the IATA CEIV and EU GDP.


Our strengths:
Temperature and humidity sensors Data management clod based
Battery lifetime up to 10 years
Devices remotely programmable
3-point calibration valid for 3 years
From 5 to 15 years of online data storage
Cost-saving / Time-saving Cloud assisted configuration
In compliance with GDP guidelines
Realiable and secure system
CFR 21 part 11 compliant
Easy and quick installation
Real-time data remote control
Suitable for monitoring of all storage areas
Alarm notification via email or SMS
Suitable for refrigerated vehicles
How it works
The sensors communicate with an Access Point connected to the Internet via LAN cable, which transmit all the data recorded directly in the cloud
  1. The sensors discover Access Point automatically (no pairing or setup);
  2. The Access Point forward data received from the sensors in the cloud database;
  3. The database securely stores data and communicates to the Access Point that it has correctly stored them;
  4. The sensors receive the information and delete the data from their memory;
  5. Data is only accessible by the owner of the sensors using any internet connected device.

Technology at your fingertips
Thanks to the unique QR code on each sensor you will have the possibility to access the data saved in the cloud at any time!



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